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MT Fitness | Personal Training St. Louis


Personal Training begins with an assessment of your goals and current fitness level. Our trainers will then customize and continually modify a safe and effective training plan tailored specifically for you.  We will be with you every step of the way to motivate, inspire, and coach you through each training session.  Through a combination of effort, discipline and some tough love, we will crush your goals, and you will feel and look your absolute best.  Need additional motivation? Consider private personal training with a friend or two.  Please contact us for additional information on private partner training.   

Group Fitness Classes | MT Fitness St. Louis


If you are energized when training in a group setting, consider TLC (Tough Love Conditioning) Fitness Classes - one of the best group exercise options available.  These 45-minute, high intensity, addicting classes will have you sweating, lifting, and smiling. TLC classes engage all major muscle groups through a combination of cardio and strength training. These dynamic classes are designed to torch calories while building strength and endurance, in a safe and comfortable environment suitable for all fitness levels. Let us help you achieve your fitness goals and have some fun in the process.  Bring some friends or make some new ones and schedule an MT Fitness class today

Private Group Fitness Classes | MT Fitness St. Louis


Private group fitness classes consist of 6–12 clients and often includes friends, coworkers, teammates, wedding groups or birthday parties. These targeted sessions offer a highly effective and affordable personal training option in a group setting. Expect a variety of fun and challenging exercises that allow each group member to work at their own level of speed, intensity and ability. In addition to our coaching, you will be motivated by the positive energy and friendly competition created from a private group training setting.  

Contact us to set up a private group fitness class!

Nutrition Coaching | MT Fitness St. Louis


While exercise undoubtedly plays a crucial role in any fitness journey, we believe that nutrition holds an equally if not more significant position on the path to wellness. Imagine your body as a well-oiled machine. To perform at its peak, it requires the right fuel. This is where nutrition takes center stage. The food we consume impacts every aspect of our lives, from energy levels and mental clarity to immune function and longevity. Led by Nikki Finkenthal (Registered Dietitian) and Tanner Amell (Functional Nutrition Coach), our nutrition experts will support you with nutritional strategies and dietary options to unlock your true potential. Whether your goal is to shed pounds, build muscle, or simply lead a healthier lifestyle, MT Fitness is with you every step of the way.

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